Introducing Westside Reformed Church

WRC101_Logo_FinalWestside Reformed Church is the newest NAPARC church on the scene in Cincinnati.  They are a church plant of Zeltenreich Reformed Church in New Holland, PA and part of the United Reformed Churches in North America.  Click here to visit their website.

Whereas the Reformed churches that descend from the United Kingdom (“Presbyterians”) confess the Westminster Standards, WRC is from the Continental Reformed tradition.  Therefore, they confess the Belgic Confession (1561), Heidelberg Catechism (1563), and Canons of Dort (1618-19).

WRC utilizes an historic liturgy and prioritizes the preaching of Christ from all the Scriptures, which includes preaching through books of the Bible and also teaching biblical doctrine.  They have been gathering as a small group since July (chapel of Westwood First Presbyterian Church) and are being served by Zac Wyse, a recent graduate of Westminster Seminary California who will be ordained on Nov. 22 of this year.

Morning worship services are on the horizon, but all are welcome to join them right now on Sunday afternoons.  They are meeting at 2:00, but they will begin to meet at 12:00 on the first Sunday in November.

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