Church Planting in the URCNA

At their most recent meeting of Synod, the URCNA approved the publication of a denominational church planting manual (pdf).  It is titled “How to Plant a Reformed Church: The Church Planting Manual of the URCNA”.

Its Introduction is helpful in delineating its purpose:

This manual is a suggested strategy for church planting in the United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA). The Missions Committee of the URCNA has written it in partial fulfillment of their mandate to develop helpful guidelines for the assistance of Consistories and church planters in the work of missions. It is not intended to say everything that needs to be said on the vast subject of church planting. Instead, it provides Consistories, church planters, and core groups with a plan for and advice on establishing a congregation in the URCNA.

Though it has been developed by office-bearers in the URCNA for use in the URCNA, many others will surely find it to be beneficial.  Click here for the PDF.

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