Church Planting in the URCNA

At their most recent meeting of Synod, the URCNA approved the publication of a denominational church planting manual (pdf).  It is titled “How to Plant a Reformed Church: The Church Planting Manual of the URCNA”.

Its Introduction is helpful in delineating its purpose:

This manual is a suggested strategy for church planting in the United Reformed Churches in North America (URCNA). The Missions Committee of the URCNA has written it in partial fulfillment of their mandate to develop helpful guidelines for the assistance of Consistories and church planters in the work of missions. It is not intended to say everything that needs to be said on the vast subject of church planting. Instead, it provides Consistories, church planters, and core groups with a plan for and advice on establishing a congregation in the URCNA.

Though it has been developed by office-bearers in the URCNA for use in the URCNA, many others will surely find it to be beneficial.  Click here for the PDF.

When Choosing a College…

be sure that there is a good church nearby.  For those of us that are Reformed, this often coincides with a church that belongs to NAPARC.  Here are some words of wisdom from the blog of Westminster Seminary California.

Christ has given the church the great commission, and Christ has gifted ministers to preach the word and administer the sacraments. No school is ever a replacement for the church and the means of grace. Why would you send your child off into the wilderness without food to sustain him?

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Introducing Westside Reformed Church

WRC101_Logo_FinalWestside Reformed Church is the newest NAPARC church on the scene in Cincinnati.  They are a church plant of Zeltenreich Reformed Church in New Holland, PA and part of the United Reformed Churches in North America.  Click here to visit their website.

Whereas the Reformed churches that descend from the United Kingdom (“Presbyterians”) confess the Westminster Standards, WRC is from the Continental Reformed tradition.  Therefore, they confess the Belgic Confession (1561), Heidelberg Catechism (1563), and Canons of Dort (1618-19).

WRC utilizes an historic liturgy and prioritizes the preaching of Christ from all the Scriptures, which includes preaching through books of the Bible and also teaching biblical doctrine.  They have been gathering as a small group since July (chapel of Westwood First Presbyterian Church) and are being served by Zac Wyse, a recent graduate of Westminster Seminary California who will be ordained on Nov. 22 of this year.

Morning worship services are on the horizon, but all are welcome to join them right now on Sunday afternoons.  They are meeting at 2:00, but they will begin to meet at 12:00 on the first Sunday in November.

An Introduction to Member-Churches of NAPARC

NAPARCPreviously on this blog, there was a series on NAPARC and the way it is intended to promote official unity among Presbyterian and Reformed Churches.  Scott Clark, of the Heidelblog, recently asked some pastors of four NAPARC denominations (PCA, OPC, URCNA, and RPCNA) to introduce them for us.  It just so happens that these four are represented in Greater Cincinnati.  I hope this helps you understand the Reformed and Presbyterian landscape a little better.

Heidelcast: Around the horn and the globe with NAPARC

Installation service at Good Shepherd OPC

Rev. Bob Eckardt delivers the charge to Rev. Chris Malamisuro, the new minister of Good Shepherd OPC.

Rev. Bob Eckardt delivers the charge to Rev. Chris Malamisuro, the new minister of Good Shepherd OPC.

Last night, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church’s Presbytery of Ohio installed the Rev. Chris Malamisuro as the minister of Good Shepherd OPC, which is one of its mission works.  The Rev. Bill Kessler preached from John 20:19-23, proclaiming the wonders that our ascended Lord would draw near and announce “Peace be with you” through His ministers.  The Rev. Ken Montgomery and the Rev. Bob Eckardt delivered the Exhortation to the Congregation and Officers and the Charge to the Pastor.

A Juvenile Church?


“What is the history of today’s youth oriented culture, and what kind of effect is this culture having on churches in our time?”

This Wednesday, the West Side Cincinnati White Horse Inn Discussion Group will get together at its regular spot, the Cleves Drive-In, at 6:30pm to have dinner and listen to and discuss segments of the episode A Juvenile Church?  You are very welcome to join this informal conversation and consider more of “what you believe, and why you believe it”.  And, please, visit our Facebook event to let us know you’re coming and invite your friends.